What’s On? - November 25, 2022

Storage Wars | 4:00AM

Pawn Stars | 4:30AM

Shepherd's Chapel | 5:00AM

Paid Program | 6:00AM

Paid Program | 6:30AM

The Drew Barrymore Show | 7:00AM

The Drew Barrymore Show | 7:30AM

Route 66 | 8:00AM

Layout at Glen Canyon - A group of models are sent to a construction camp at Glen Canyon to do some fashion shots for a magazine. Jeff Grady head of the crew working at the dam appoints Tod and Buz as bodyguards.

Family | 9:00AM

Smarts - Annie and buddy each have problems with intellect: Annie feels she's too smart, while buddy fears she's not smart enough.

Mama's Family | 10:00AM

Have It Mama's Way - Mama and Bubba get a job at the same fast-food restaurant.

Mama's Family | 10:30AM

Birthright - An anonymous letter convinces Vint that he's adopted.

Mayberry R.F.D. | 11:00AM

Emmett's Retirement - Retired Emmett has nothing to do except hang around his friends all day, driving them crazy.

Mayberry R.F.D. | 11:30AM

Millie's Girlfriend - Millie's friend becomes her roommate when she breaks up with her boyfriend.

Hardcastle & McCormick | 12:00PM

Outlaw Champion - A race-car hero is under pressure: An amateur he was drag-racing lies critically injured, and the mob that finances him is upset at his lackluster racing record.

T. J. Hooker | 1:00PM

Two Faces of Betsy Morgan - Hooker and Romano by chance spot a van swerving dangerously over the road – in which a pair of teenage prostitutes are being held against their will by two men. When the van crashes off the road, they find one of the girls dead after being strangled – the latest victim in a series of killings by "The Boulevard Strangler" and his accomplice, who are preying on young runaways.

Matt Houston | 2:00PM

Fear for Tomorrow - A codebook and a cryptic message provide Matt his only clues to preventing the predicted deaths of thousands.

American Housewife | 3:00PM

American Housewife | 3:30PM

Karamo | 4:00PM

Judge Mathis | 5:00PM

Chicago Fire | 6:00PM

Put White on Me - Boden has a lapse in judgment in the aftermath of rescuing a young boy. Kidd struggles to win the approval of severide's mom (guest star kim delaney) after a surprise visit and otis takes on new responsibilities at the firehouse.

Chicago Fire | 7:00PM

Leaders Lead - A frustrated severide (taylor kinney) turns to an unlikely ally to resolve his current dilemma. Casey (jesse spencer) begins to find satisfaction in his personal life, while mills (charlie barnett) and dawson (monica raymund) face personal challenges. Meanwhile, the squad is called to the scene of a harrowing apartment building collapse.

Chicago P.D. | 8:00PM


Chicago P.D. | 9:00PM


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit | 10:00PM

Locum - A foster couple (joan cusack and peter strauss) call detectives benson (mariska hargitay) and stabler (christopher meloni) to the scene of the crime when their ten-year-old adopted daughter disappears. It soon comes to light that she ran away to meet with a man named erik weber (guest star henry ian cusick), whom she met on the internet and whom benson and stabler suspect of ulterior motives regarding the girl. Weber denies any wrongdoing, and also expresses romantic interest in benson. However,

Chicago P.D. | 11:00PM

Hit Me - Lindsay goes undercover in order to catch a cop who's targeting women leaving a local casino; Burgess plans to transfer districts; Mouse offers to set Ruzek up with a friend; and Antonio volunteers to take Roman's place in a boxing match against Jimmy from Firehouse 51.

First 48 | 12:00AM

Mom | 1:00AM

Mom | 1:30AM

Night Swimmin' and an English Muffin - When Bonnie discovers that Adam is still close with his ex-wife, Danielle (guest star Wendie Malick), Christy worries the emotional fallout could jeopardize Bonnie's sobriety.

TMZ | 2:00AM

Extra | 2:30AM

Funny You Should Ask | 3:00AM

Forensic Files | 3:30AM

A Leg Up on Crime - A dead female body is found in a canal with no trace of evidence left behind, except a bullet that can't be matched. When another woman's death appears in the same area, with the same type of bullet, things get more interesting and more clues are left behind, and it leaves investigators looking among themselves for the perpetrator.