What’s On? - May 27, 2023

TMZ | 4:00AM

Extra | 4:30AM

Hearts of Heroes | 5:00AM

Cycling Survivor

Rock The Park | 5:30AM


Rock The Park | 6:00AM

Oh Baby! | 6:30AM

Outback Adventures w/Tim Faulkner E/I | 7:00AM

Tree Kangaroo Tales - Tim travels around Australia to learn more about the state of the elusive tree kangaroo.

Project Tornado | 7:30AM

Daniel Boone | 8:00AM

Cain's Birthday (Part 2) - Boone and the people of Boonesborough hole up in the fort using every means possible to fend off the attacking Indians while hoping that a promised British relief force will reach them before it's too late.

Trackdown | 9:00AM

Inquest - A boy is implicated in his stepfather's mysterious death.

Trackdown | 9:30AM

Back to Crawford - Gilman's joy is short-lived when his childhood sweetheart returns to town.

The Andy Griffith Show | 10:00AM

Opie Steps Up in Class - Andy sends Opie to a swank boys' camp.

The Andy Griffith Show | 10:30AM

Andy's Trip to Raleigh - Andy cancels a big date with Helen in order to confer with a lawyer in Raleigh, who turns out to be a beautiful woman.

The Andy Griffith Show | 11:00AM

A Trip to Mexico - Aunt Bea and her friends go to Mexico. While there, their friendships gets strained.

The Andy Griffith Show | 11:30AM

Tape Recorder - Opie disobeys Andy and tape-records a bank robber's confession.

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. | 12:00PM

A Groom for Sergeant Carter's Sister - Gomer tries to convince Carter that his sister's fiancé is a nice guy.

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. | 12:30PM

Gomer Minds His Sergeant's Car - Gomer takes care of Carter's car -- which gets stolen and wrecked.

Petticoat Junction | 1:00PM

With This Ring... - Orrin Pike is observed buying a ring, and the family jumps to the conclusion that he's going to propose to Bobbie Jo.

Petticoat Junction | 1:30PM

The Valley's New Owner - Shy Orrin Pike becomes a big man when an old deed indicates he is the legal owner of the entire Hooterville Valley.

Green Acres | 2:00PM

A Square is Not Round - The Douglases try to determine which of their hens is laying square eggs. Once word gets out, Haney and a chicken breeder both want in on the action. Oddly, the cube-shaped eggs don't worry Oliver nearly as much as their toaster that operates when you say the number "five".

Green Acres | 2:30PM

It's So Peaceful in the Country - Oliver's mother needs bed rest so what better place than her son's farm. All she has to do is ignore Alf and Ralph's drilling, Haney's tour group, a group of dancing Sioux Indians and their chief who thinks she's a looker.

Chicago P.D. | 3:00PM


Chicago P.D. | 4:00PM

Chasing Monsters

Chicago P.D. | 5:00PM


Chicago P.D. | 6:00PM


Chicago P.D. | 7:00PM

Breaking Point

St. Elmo's Fire | 8:00PM

- Seven friends - Alec, Billy, Jules, Kevin, Kirby, Leslie and Wendy - are trying to navigate through life and their friendships following college graduation. Alec, who aspires to political life, has just shown his true colors by changing his allegiance from Democrat to Republican, which freaks out girlfriend Leslie, who he wants to marry. Budding architect Leslie, on the other hand, has an independent streak. She believes she has to make a name for herself to find out who she is before she can tr

Forensic Factor | 10:00PM

Million Dollar Muder

Forensic Factor | 11:00PM

Murder Weapons

Cheaters Weekend | 12:00AM

First 48 | 1:00AM

Brother's Bread/ Into the Woods

First 48 | 2:00AM

Caught in the Middle

First 48 | 3:00AM

Deadly Encounter/ Car Trouble