What’s On? - May 25, 2023

Storage Wars | 4:00AM

O Brother, Where Art My Money?

Pawn Stars | 4:30AM

Money to Pawn

Shepherd's Chapel | 5:00AM

Paid Program | 6:00AM

Paid Program | 6:30AM

The Drew Barrymore Show | 7:00AM

The Drew Barrymore Show | 7:30AM

Route 66 | 8:00AM

Eleven, the Hard Way - The townsfolk of Broken Knee hand their money over to famous gambler Sam Keep to gamble it in Reno.

Family | 9:00AM

Home Movie - Willie annoys the family when he decides to film their lives for a documentary. In a school assignment, buddy ponders how she'll leave her mark on the world.

The White Shadow | 10:00AM

A Few Good Men - As graduation approaches, seniors consider life after high school.

Crazy Like A Fox | 11:00AM

Dead On Arrival

Hardcastle & McCormick | 12:00PM

Homecoming (Part 1) - On a return visit to his hometown, hardcastle encounters people who are willing to kill a farmer who wouldn't sell his land for a thruway. Part one of two.

T. J. Hooker | 1:00PM

Second Chance - The murder of a dancer who has had a lock of her hair cut off signifies to Hooker that a serial killer he pursed eight years previously is back in operation. Hooker is concerned for the only victim to survive one of the previous attacks - a dance teacher with whom he nearly fell in love - and sets about protecting her, believing that the killer will go after her again to try and finish the job...

Matt Houston | 2:00PM

Love You to Death - After Matt's one-night affair with an obsessed woman, she ransacks his home and murders.

American Housewife | 3:00PM

The Lice Storm

American Housewife | 3:30PM


Karamo | 4:00PM

Judge Mathis | 5:00PM

Chicago Fire | 6:00PM

I Am the Apocalypse - It's all hands on deck when firehouse 51 races to the scene of a deadly chemical leak inside an industrial building. With squad and truck tested like never before, scores of workers are rescued but many are experiencing respiratory distress. This prompts truck 81, squad 3 and ambulance 61 to spring into action to transport the victims to nearby chicago med. The situation takes a turn from bad to worse in the midst of the chaos when a "patient" planted inside the hospital goes on a suicide missio

Chicago Fire | 7:00PM

It Wasn't About Hockey - Brett, foster and kidd take a road trip to indiana for a getaway and encounter a bus accident involving a boy's hockey team that will leave them scrambling and relying on their instincts to save those hurt in the accident. The rest of firehouse 51 competes in the annual chili cook off.

Dateline | 8:00PM


Chicago P.D. | 9:00PM


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit | 10:00PM

Star-Struck Victims - When a lack of evidence leads barba (ra£l esparza) to drop rape charges against a popular actor, rollins (kelli giddish) takes matters into her own hands.

Chicago P.D. | 11:00PM

They'll Have to Go Through Me (Edited)

First 48 | 12:00AM

Far from Home/ Object of Desire

Mom | 1:00AM

Pilot - Christy is a newly sober mom who is put to test when her mother, Bonnie, comes back into her life to try and work things out between them.

Mom | 1:30AM

Toilet Wine and the Earl of Sandwich - Christy and Bonnie help Regina tie up loose ends on the way to drop her off at prison. Meanwhile, Alvin spends the day getting to know his grandkids.

TMZ | 2:00AM

Extra | 2:30AM

Funny You Should Ask | 3:00AM

Forensic Files | 3:30AM

Army of Evidence