What’s On? - May 15, 2022

The Entertainers | 4:00AM

Paid Program | 5:00AM

Time for Hope | 5:30AM

Paid Program | 6:00AM

Made In Hollywood: Teen Edition | 6:30AM

RVing Today | 7:00AM

To The Rescue | 7:30AM

Right This Minute | 8:00AM

DragonFly TV | 8:30AM

Friction - Sara and Rachel get a rise out of engineering a real hovercraft. Slippery scientists Mimi, Haley, Tara, and Lauren investigate how the rotation of the curling stone and the act of sweeping the ice changes the path of the stone... and determine the winner!

Live Life & Win! | 9:00AM

The Andy Griffith Show | 9:30AM

Goober's Contest - In order to boost business Goober has a contest at the gas station. The printer accidentally prints a ticket for $200 and Floyd wins the ticket--and Goober can't pay it.

Made In Hollywood | 10:00AM

Celebrity Page | 10:30AM

Right This Minute | 11:00AM

American Athlete | 11:30AM

Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese Catholic Mass | 12:00PM

My Destination.TV | 12:30PM

American Ninja Warrior | 1:00PM

San Antonio Qualifiers Hour 1

Wipeout | 2:00PM

Monk | 3:00PM

Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike - Monk finds himself adrift in an ocean of filth when a garbage strike brings San Francisco to a halt...and Adrian to near-paralysis.

Monk | 4:00PM

Mr. Monk and the Big Game - Julie and her basketball teammates hire Monk to investigate the death of their coach.

Monk | 5:00PM

Mr. Monk Can't See a Thing - While visiting a firehouse, Monk is blinded by the killer of an elderly fireman.

Monk | 6:00PM

Mr. Monk, Private Eye - Monk and Natalie decide that Adrian should become a private detective when his police employment doesn't work out. But Monk's first case is more than it seems.

Monk | 7:00PM

Mr. Monk and the Class Reunion - Going to his 25-year college reunion, Monk deals with his memories of Trudy while trying to keep one of his former classmates from being murdered.

Dreamer, Inspired by a True Story | 8:00PM

- Cale Crane catalyzes the rescue and rehabilitation of Sonador, a race horse with a broken leg.

Extra Weekend | 10:00PM

Top Ten | 11:00PM

Funny You Should Ask | 12:00AM

Funny You Should Ask | 12:30AM

Paid Program | 1:00AM

Paid Program | 1:30AM

Storm of Suspicion | 2:00AM

Chase Step by Step | 3:00AM

- Two circus performers are tasked with escorting relief-- in the form of gold bullion-- to a region hit by drought. On the way they are beset by countless bandits.