What’s On? - September 24, 2023

First 48 | 4:00AM

Downstream Drifter/ Murder in Room 162

Paid Program | 5:00AM

Time for Hope | 5:30AM

Did I Mention Invention? | 6:00AM

Football Robot

The Andy Griffith Show | 6:30AM

The Bazaar - Warren, enforcing a gambling ordinance to the letter of the law, arrests Aunt Bee and her women friends (meaning, most of Mayberry) for running a Bingo game. Everyone's furious at Warren, particularly Andy, who becomes even more frustrated when Warren resists pleas to drop the charges (in fact, the deputy really digs into his position). Aunt Bee and her friends soon demand a trial. Later, the men of Mayberry (with their children in tow, some of them crying) bother Andy and Opie at home when Warr

RVing Today | 7:00AM

Linton's Enchanted Gardens | 7:30AM

Trackdown | 8:00AM

Marple Brothers - Hoby tracks the notorious Marple Brothers gang to Stockton, where they take women and children as hostages and hole up inside a church.

Trackdown | 8:30AM

Law in Lampasas - When a vengeful lynch mob mentality takes over a small Texas town, it falls to Ranger Hoby Gilman to see that justice prevails.

Drangon Fly TV | 9:00AM

The Science Zone | 9:30AM

Episode 113

The World is Yours | 10:00AM

Pacific Coast - Santiago - Kerala (India) - We will begin our tour discovering the charms that it has to show the Pacific Coast of the United States with its beaches, which are ideal for surfing and also for the diversity of national parks that are there. An unimaginable world of adventures in which you can also taste a gastronomy characteristic of this area of the country.

State to State | 10:30AM

NEW ENGLAND ROAD TRIP - We cruise through the states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, see the worst weather in the world, ski the Appalachians, go lobstering, and so much more. Let’s hit the road! 

The Rebel | 11:00AM

The Promise - Johnny discovers that the daughter of a deceased war buddy is now a bonded servant being forced to marry a gunfighter against her wishes.

The Rebel | 11:30AM

The Actress - After meeting Johnny, famed actress Lotta Langley offers him a role in her play.

The Rifleman | 12:00PM

One Went to Denver - Lucas welcomes his old friend Tom Birch, who once saved his life, unaware that the man is now a bank robber who is on the run with his gang.

The Rifleman | 12:30PM

The Deadly Wait - Dan Maury, released from Yuma prison, arrives in North Fork intent on getting even with Marshal Torrance, who helped send him to jail.

Cimarron Strip | 1:00PM

The Judgement - Crown appoints an unemployed cowboy as deputy marshal of a nearby town. The new deputy is then put to the test by some of his former cronies.

Lawman | 2:30PM

The Journey - Marshal dan troop (john russell) has a tough assignment when he tries to stop loma williams (andra martin) from seeking revenge on the man who murdered her lover.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit | 3:00PM

Twenty-Five Acts - The young author of a wildly successful s&m romance novel goes home with a famous television show host, who forces himself on her. Detectives benson and rollins work to convince the victim to file charges, with the assistance of a brash new manhattan district attorney. As the svu squad digs into her background to uncover potential trial pitfalls, detective amaro uncovers a secret that threatens to destroy the young woman's career as well as her case.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit | 4:00PM

Acceptable Loss - With captain cragen back in the precinct, the svu squad is in full force and working to expose a sex trafficking operation that enslaves young women. The detectives are on the verge of cracking the case when their efforts are halted by lieutenant alexandra eames, forcing detective benson to get creative with the investigation.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit | 5:00PM

Manhattan Vigil - In the series' landmark 300th episode, a young boy from morningside heights is kidnapped while in the care of his father, and the investigation reminds captain cragen, sergeant munch and detective benson of an unsolved kidnapping that occurred in the same neighborhood thirteen years ago. While the entire squad races against the clock to find the missing boy, benson vows to learn from past mistakes to set both cases right.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit | 6:00PM

Friending Emily - An underage girl disappears after following her older sister to a college party in manhattan. The svu detectives mobilize to recover the missing girl but find themselves thwarted by a high-tech kidnapper using the internet to cover his tracks. As the case hits a dead end, da barba (guest star raul esparza) returns with some unlikely help. Meanwhile, rollins (kelli giddish) is distracted by the sudden appearance of her very troubled sister (guest star lindsay pulsipher).

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit | 7:00PM

Vanity's Bonfire - The abduction of a baby from a city playground quickly turns into a custody dispute when the kidnapper swears she is the child's biological mother. She also claims the father is a high-powered legal expert, sending detectives benson and amaro on an investigation that forever changes the lives of two unsuspecting families.

The Shaolin Temple | 8:00PM

- The Tang emperor is betrayed by one of his generals, who installs himself as emperor in the East Capital. The son of one of his slave workers escapes to the Shaolin Temple, learns kung fu, and sets out to kill the traitor, who killed his father. The monks have to help him, and in the process, they save the true emperor, who rewards them greatly.

Mom | 10:00PM

Crazy Eyes and a Wet Brad Pitt - Christy and Bonnie pick up Jill the woman Christy sponsors from rehab. They arrive at her home which is very luxurious. She asks them to stay with her and they take it all in.

Mom | 10:30PM

Soapy Eyes and a Clean Slate - Christy tries to make amends for her past deeds. Bonnie takes a cue from her and decides to make up for treating Alvin so poorly through the years.

The World's Funniest Weather | 11:00PM

The World's Funniest Weather | 11:30PM

Weather Gone Viral | 12:00AM

S.O.S. How To Survive | 1:00AM

Storm of Suspicion | 2:00AM

American Athlete | 3:00AM

My Destination.TV | 3:30AM