What’s On? - December 6, 2017

Impractical Jokers | 12:00AM

Boardwalk of Shame - The guys play a game of "Don't I Know You?", invades beach-goers' towels, plays a humorous word game with customers at a grocery store, and acts as salesmen at a car dealership. Punishment: The loser has to go to the boardwalk and put a stranger' toe in his mouth. To add insult to injury, the stranger warns that she hasn't washed her feet in 5 days.

Impractical Jokers | 12:30AM

Who Arted - What kind of games and stunts will the pranksters take part in this time around? Who will be the loser?

Cheaters | 1:00AM

Cheaters | 1:30AM

The Doctors | 2:00AM

Judge Mathis | 3:00AM