What’s On? - December 4, 2019

Protection Court | 4:00AM

God Is My Lawyer

Impractical Jokers | 4:30AM

Anniversary Edition

Shepherd's Chapel | 5:00AM

Paid Program | 6:00AM

Paid Program | 6:30AM

The Real | 7:00AM

The Doctors | 8:00AM

Dr. Oz Show | 9:00AM

The Dish On Oz: Mac and Cheese Makeovers

The Mel Robbins Show | 10:00AM

Am I Raising a Narcissist?

Dr. Oz Show | 11:00AM

How Long is Too Long To Wear Athleisure?

Funny You Should Ask | 12:00PM

Right This Minute | 12:30PM

Cheaters | 1:00PM

Cheaters | 1:30PM

Pawn Stars | 2:00PM

Wheels - Items brought to the shop include a Dutch East India ship's bell supposedly from a 1602 shipwreck, an early 1900s roulette wheel, a 1970s Indian racing mini motorcycle, and a pair of Scottish daggers whose owner claims are 200 years old.

Pawn Stars | 2:30PM

Pezzed Off - Items brought to the shop include an 18th Century French double-barrel musket coach gun, a collection of Pez dispensers from the 1960s and 70s, a 1932-S Washington Quarter and a U.S. Navy uniform whose time period of origin becomes the point of a bet between Rick and the Old Man.

Forensic Files | 3:00PM

Fatal Fungus - Doctors in Cleveland became extremely concerned when they had an increase of infants brought to the emergency room with bleeding of the lungs. Doctors quickly called on the Centers for Disease Control and had them investigate the matter.

Forensic Files | 3:30PM

The Dirty Deed - A wealthy, retired, British couple who were well known and well liked in their community went missing. The key clue in this case was an unusual type of pollen collected from dirt on the wheels of a family car.

Live PD: Police Patrol | 4:00PM

Live PD: Police Patrol | 4:30PM

Cops | 5:00PM

Chases & Stings - In Corpus Christi, TX, Senior Officer Wertanen assists another officer pursuing a suspect who left a known drug house, and after being arrested, the suspect denies having tossed a white powdery substance out of his car window during the chase. In Las Vegas, NV, Lieutenant Hughes assists with an undercover investigation that leads to the arrest of two alleged pimps and a prostitute. In Hillsborough County, FL, Deputy Kowal pursues a driver who blew through a traffic stop, made an illegal U-turn

Cops | 5:30PM

Evading Arrest - Special Edition - In Savannah, GA, Advance Patrol Officer Moore stops a suspicious suspect who, after admitting he was recently arrested for armed robbery, runs from police and hides under a house. In Sacramento County, CA, Deputies French and Culp help track down a domestic violence suspect who abandoned his motorcycle and fled on foot, and who is eventually bitten by a police dog after he takes refuge inside a neighbor’s home. In Lafayette, LA, Senior Officer Broussard questions a driver during a routine traf

Chicago P.D. | 6:00PM


Chicago P.D. | 7:00PM

Push the Pain Away - A mass shooting at an athletic club is investigated; and Atwater, who's dealing with his new assignment, helps locate the suspected shooters. Platt and Halstead, meanwhile, check in with Lindsay to see how she's managing.

Dateline | 8:00PM


Dateline | 9:00PM


Mike & Molly | 10:00PM

Checkpoint Joyce - Mike is forced to arrest Joyce for a DUI after she refuses to take a breathalyzer at a checkpoint.

Mike & Molly | 10:30PM

Yard Sale - When she realizes that her house is becoming too crowded, Molly decides to have a yard sale. Meanwhile, Mike and his friends take Carl for a fishing trip to help him get over his recent breakup.

TMZ | 11:00PM

Extra | 11:30PM

The Game | 12:00AM

The Dead Episode - Jason attempts to facilitate a peace meeting between Blue and Malik. Malik tries to track down Keira to apologize. Tasha deals with a life-altering family crisis when her father dies. Brittany surprises her parents with unexpected news involving Chardonnay.

The Game | 12:30AM

Dust In The Wind - Malik's reading challenges are revealed during Walter's memorial service. He and Kelly forge an alliance after Malik's embarrassing reading. A grieving Tasha is able to help Blue and Chardonnay truly say goodbye to their failed relationships as she puts her father to rest.

Mom | 1:00AM

Estrogen and a Hearty Breakfast - As Bonnie deals with menopause, Christy faces Luke's parents about Violet's pregnancy.

Dish Nation | 1:30AM

Judge Mathis | 2:00AM

The People's Court | 3:00AM