What’s On? - January 17, 2021

Intervention | 4:00AM

Paid Program | 5:00AM

Time for Hope | 5:30AM

Paid Program | 6:00AM

Made In Hollywood: Teen Edition | 6:30AM

Rollin' On TV | 7:00AM

Green Screen Adventures | 7:30AM

Fantasy Zoo/ Toads/ Grammar Girl Good/Well - What is more fantastical – that there are dinosaurs and flying fish at the zoo, or that it is on the moon? Blast off and journey to this young author’s fantasy zoo. Later Grammar Girl does a good job teaching the GSA news team about…well and good.

Green Screen Adventures | 8:00AM

So Much Technology/ Royal Adjectives/ Beatnik Peace/Grammar Girl - Two brothers team up to tackle “So much Technology.” Join the game when the King proclaims the court play Royal Order of Adjectives. Whether the weather is hot or cold, Grammar Girl is there to help Lea Merriweather and the GSA News Team.

DragonFly TV | 8:30AM

Science at Play - Francesca, Marnika and Precious jump into a Double Dutch investigation, exploring whether things they see and hear influence their ability to match the rope's rhythm. Maddy and Martina use clowns, juggling, and science to demonstrate how unreliable human perception can be.

Live Life & Win! | 9:00AM

The Andy Griffith Show | 9:30AM

The Luck of Newton Monroe - An itinerant peddler comes to town (Don Rickles) and sells Barney, Floyd and Goober some items that prove to be defective. After he disregards Andy's warning about not selling any more things, they put him in jail--but he proves no better at odd jobs than at selling and bungles everything Andy and Barney give him to do.

Made In Hollywood | 10:00AM

Celebrity Page | 10:30AM

Celebrity Page

My Destination.TV | 11:00AM

American Athlete | 11:30AM

Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese Catholic Mass | 12:00PM

The World's Funniest Weather | 12:30PM

American Ninja Warrior | 1:00PM

Denver Qualifiers Hour 1

Wipeout | 2:00PM

Monk | 3:00PM

Mr. Monk and the Buried Treasure

Monk | 4:00PM

Mr. Monk and the Daredevil

Monk | 5:00PM

Monk | 6:00PM

Mr. Monk is Up All Night

Monk | 7:00PM

Mr. Monk Joins a Cult


- A single mother/waitress, a misanthropic author, and a gay artist form an unlikely friendship.

Forensic Factor | 11:00PM


Forensic Files | 12:00AM

Hundreds of Reasons

Forensic Files | 12:30AM

Cold Feet

Funny You Should Ask | 1:00AM

Funny You Should Ask | 1:30AM

Paid Program | 2:00AM

Paid Program | 2:30AM

The Spirit of Bruce Lee | 3:00AM

- Chang Chen-Wai, a martial arts expert who runs a jade-importing business, follows his missing brother to Thailand and learns he has been murdered. Chang vows revenge.