What’s On? - December 7, 2019

Protection Court | 4:00AM

I Carved Her Initials In My Chest

Impractical Jokers | 4:30AM

Puncture Perfect

Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin | 5:00AM

The Flying Foxes of Australia - Jeff explores the Gold Coast of Australia to connect with giant bats. A recent heat wave devastated many threatened bat colonies throughout the region itself, and Jeff works with local biologists to help save many endangered bat species. He feeds hundreds of baby bats recovering from the heat wave, helps an injured bat named Skippy recover from his broken leg, and returns rehabilitated bats back to their wild habitat.

Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin | 5:30AM

The Secrets of Venom - Host Jeff Corwin travels to the northern-eastern tip of Australia searching for some of the most venomous sea snakes in the ocean. Jeff works with renown biologists to collect, analyze, and understand the complex nature of sea snake venom. Jeff also travels to the southern island of Tasmania to find the fourth deadliest snake on earth and help conservationists save this misunderstood species.

Litton Go Time: The Great Dr. Scott | 6:00AM

Cheeky Chipmunks

Litton Go Time: The Great Dr. Scott | 6:30AM

Aging Gracefully

Rock The Park | 7:00AM

Channel Islands National Park

Rock The Park | 7:30AM

New River Gorge National River

Jack Hanna's Into the Wild | 8:00AM

Rwanda's Golden Monkeys

Linton's Colorful Inspirations | 8:30AM

Paid Program | 9:00AM

The Andy Griffith Show | 9:30AM

Andy the Matchmaker - Andy, trying to lift Barney's spirits, stages a minor robbery and tries to match his deputy with a shy seamstress.

The Andy Griffith Show | 10:00AM

Stranger in Town - When a stranger comes to town, Barney and the people of Mayberry grow suspicious when he seems to know too much about them. Barney thinks he is a spy. Eventually Andy discovers that the stranger is an old Army buddy of one of the locals. He subscribed to the town newspaper and wants Mayberry to be his new home town.

Sheriffs El Dorado County | 10:30AM

Mobile ID Theft Factory - Deputy Roman Fontana makes a traffic stop for a bad rear light that ends up taking down the central figure in a major ID theft ring with 3 no-bail felony warrents. Deputy Fantana also answers a domestic Violence call and after investigation, ends up arresting the reporting party.

Sheriffs El Dorado County | 11:00AM

Mexican Cartel Meth House - The Western El Dorado Enforcement Team takes us through the behind the scenes planning and execution of a large Methamphetamine cartel distribution raid deal that is thought to be about to happen. The raid results in the arrest of several of the cartel members. We follow WENET as they track a mid-level Methamphetamine dealer so they can discover his stash house. They converge on the house to take down several cartel members.

Chicago Football Now | 11:30AM

Cops | 12:00PM

Coast To Coast - In Sacramento, CA, deputies making a routine traffic stop give chase when the driver attempts to escape on foot, and once the suspect is apprehended, he admits the vehicle is stolen—but not by him. In Pierce County, WA, officers respond to a report about a suspect who allegedly destroyed furniture and threatened to cut off his fingers.

Cops | 12:30PM

Coast To Coast - In Sacramento County, CA, deputies pursue a parolee believed to be armed with a deadly weapon; in Palm Beach County, FL, a woman alleges that her boyfriend threatened her with a knife; in Pierce County, WA, a sheriff’s deputy making a routine traffic stop discovers drug paraphernalia and heroin inside the vehicle.

Pawn Stars | 1:00PM

Pawn Shop Pinot - Chumlee wants to try creating "Pawn Shop Pinot" using a 19th-century wine maker purchased by Rick and the Old Man; cannon used to signal ships; a semi-truck ranks as the priciest item ever at the shop.

Pawn Stars | 1:30PM

Rick's Bad Day - The guys try to establish the authenticity of a theater playbill from the night President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated; pair of halberds; Rick takes a gamble on an elegant perpetual motion clock.

Incredible Dog Challenge | 2:00PM

Incredible Dog Challenge | 3:00PM

Cops | 4:00PM

Chases & Stings - In Corpus Christi, TX, Senior Officer Wertanen assists another officer pursuing a suspect who left a known drug house, and after being arrested, the suspect denies having tossed a white powdery substance out of his car window during the chase. In Las Vegas, NV, Lieutenant Hughes assists with an undercover investigation that leads to the arrest of two alleged pimps and a prostitute. In Hillsborough County, FL, Deputy Kowal pursues a driver who blew through a traffic stop, made an illegal U-turn

Cops | 4:30PM

Smooth Criminal - In Boynton Beach, FL, Advance Patrol Officer Moore participates in an undercover operation involving a female suspect who thinks she hired a hit man to kill her husband—until she discovers that the “hit man” is actually an undercover officer.

Pawn Stars | 5:00PM

Wheels - Items brought to the shop include a Dutch East India ship's bell supposedly from a 1602 shipwreck, an early 1900s roulette wheel, a 1970s Indian racing mini motorcycle, and a pair of Scottish daggers whose owner claims are 200 years old.

Pawn Stars | 5:30PM

Guns and Rangers - Items brought to the shop include a 1987 NASCAR trophy that was presented to Jeff Gordon, antique portraits of Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine de Beauharnais, an antique matchlock key gun dating from circa the 17th century, an ivory tusk that Rick immediately rejects, and a life-size, fiberglass Power Ranger whose owner refurbished and outfitted with a cell phone charger after finding it in a dumpster.

Forensic Factor | 6:00PM

A Deadly Affair

TMZ Weekend | 7:00PM

Extra Weekend | 8:00PM


- Bruce willis stars as a successful public-relations executive who goes on a remarkably disastrous blind date with kim basinger. Complications abound leading to involvement with both the police and the underworld in this hilarious comedy from director blake edwards.

The Carbonaro Effect | 11:00PM

An Elevated Ferret Alert

The Carbonaro Effect | 11:30PM

Flash Melt

Cheaters Weekend | 12:00AM

Intervention | 1:00AM

The Entertainers | 2:00AM

My Destination.TV | 3:00AM

American Athlete | 3:30AM