What’s On? - July 25, 2021

Intervention | 4:00AM

Paid Program | 5:00AM

Time for Hope | 5:30AM

Paid Program | 6:00AM

Made In Hollywood: Teen Edition | 6:30AM

Rollin' On TV | 7:00AM

Green Screen Adventures | 7:30AM

Spelling Bee/Curse of the Dust - Can you imagine how the Spelling Bee got its name? Find out with our bug buddies. Plus, we've got some evil dust to deal with - now what? Discover the answer in this comic caper.

Green Screen Adventures | 8:00AM

Three Pigs/Jerry the Snail/Lost Tooth/Dog Drool - Stories by students from across the country - Hawaii, Alaska, Minnesota, and New York! Watch a fractured fairytale version of the Three LIttle Pigs. Then, Jerry the Snail drinks chocolate milk, a baby tooth wiggles its way out, and a drooling dog makes mischief in the kitchen!

DragonFly TV | 8:30AM

Earth Systems - Elizabeth and Margie hit the links at the Science Museum of Minnesota to explore how rivers change the shape of the landscape. Victoria and Alejandra investigate why some plants thrive and others cannot withstand the elements on the Guadalupe-Nipomo Sand Dunes and tree-climbing scientist, Nalini Nadkarni, explores the survival of forest canopies.

Live Life & Win! | 9:00AM

The Andy Griffith Show | 9:30AM

The Lodge - Andy invites Howard to join "The Regal Order of the Door to Good Fellowship" lodge. Howard's mother doesn't like the idea of Howard being around the other men, so she concocts a scheme whereby Howard will be denied membership. It's all a big misunderstanding, and Howard eventually is allowed to join the lodge.

Made In Hollywood | 10:00AM

Celebrity Page | 10:30AM

Celebrity Page

My Destination.TV | 11:00AM

American Athlete | 11:30AM

Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese Catholic Mass | 12:00PM

The World's Funniest Weather | 12:30PM

American Ninja Warrior | 1:00PM

Minneapolis City Finals Hour 1

Wipeout | 2:00PM

Win A Date With Jill

Monk | 3:00PM

Monk | 4:00PM

Monk | 5:00PM

Monk | 6:00PM

Monk | 7:00PM


- A texas cop battles ex-navy seals who are trying to traffic drugs from Mexico into the USA.

Forensic Factor | 10:00PM

No Body, No Crime

Forensic Files | 11:00PM

Sunday's Wake - The death of a child who displayed flu-like symptoms leads to an international murder investigation.

Forensic Files | 11:30PM

Shattered Dreams - Two bodies are found dead inside a car late one night. The only clues are the fingertip of a latex glove and a small piece of shattered glass.

Funny You Should Ask | 12:00AM

Funny You Should Ask | 12:30AM

Paid Program | 1:00AM

Paid Program | 1:30AM

Forensic Files | 2:00AM

Docktor Visit - A World War II veteran was found dead in his home, and the investigation ground to a halt when the prime suspect had a solid alibi. But a lucky break led to a shady character who wore distinctive boots and had a sweet tooth.

Forensic Files | 2:30AM

Murder, She Wrote

The Spirit of Bruce Lee | 3:00AM

- Chang Chen-Wai, a martial arts expert who runs a jade-importing business, follows his missing brother to Thailand and learns he has been murdered. Chang vows revenge.