What’s On? - May 29, 2017

Shepherd's Chapel | 5:00AM

The People's Court | 6:00AM

Judge Alex | 7:00AM

Rules Of Engagement | 7:30AM

Indian Giver - Audrey is surprised by Jeff's sudden interest in her favorite reality show until she discovers the reason. Meanwhile, to Russell's delight, Timmy has second thoughts about his impending arranged marriage.

The Doctors | 8:00AM

Dr. Oz Show | 9:00AM

Salt Bombs: Is There A Secret Salt Overload In Your Food? - The average American consumes an estimated 3400 mg of sodium per day, but the maximum recommended intake is only 2300 mg. Where is all that salt coming from? Dr. Jennifer Caudle and Dr. Oz investigate.

The Real | 10:00AM

Cheaters | 11:00AM

Corrupt Crimes | 11:30AM

On The Hunt For Humans - A killer turns Phoenix, Arizona into an urban hunting ground. As the bodies pile up both humans and animals turn up dead. Police face the challenge of tracking down not one but 2 serial killers terrorizing the area in a random pattern of shootings taking place in the dark of night.

Rules Of Engagement | 12:00PM

The Home Stretch - When Jeff discovers that a guy is giving Audrey home Pilates classes, he wants to make a change. Meanwhile, Adam tells Jennifer specifics about his football past.

Anger Management | 12:30PM

Charlie & Kate Horse Around - Charlie takes the group on a equine therapy retreat in order to get them to bond, which leads to the death of Sam's favorite horse.

How I Met Your Mother | 1:00PM

The Scorpion and The Toad - Lily returns from San Francisco just as Marshall is finally recovering from their break-up.

Raising Hope | 1:30PM

Romeo and Romeo - Jimmy makes friends a single dad and they set up a play date, but Virginia doesn't like the idea because she is the man's housekeeper. However, Jimmy and the guy set out to have a dinner at the Chance household to make peace

Hot In Cleveland | 2:00PM

The Italian Job - Melanie feels replaced when the ladies go to her radio cohost (Will Sasso) for advice and Victoria meets J.J.’s (Dan Lauria) family.

Hot In Cleveland | 2:30PM

Mystery Date: Oscar Edition - When Victoria has to choose between Melanie and Joy for her plus one to the Oscars, they compete with each other to show who's the better friend.

The Andy Griffith Show | 3:00PM

A Warning from Warren - Warren is convinced he has e.s.p. and feels that Andy and Helen are in grave danger if they go to the lake. He tries to warn them but they do not take him seriously. He takes it upon himself (with Goober's help) to "protect" them.

The Andy Griffith Show | 3:30PM

Taylors in Hollywood - The Taylors visit Hollywood and get to see the making of Sheriff Without a Gun.

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? | 4:00PM

Chicago Cubs Baseball | 4:30PM

Chicago Cubs @ San Diego Padres

Pawn Stars | 7:30PM

Bow Legged - Items brought to the shop include a pirate's peg leg, a brand new archery bow, and a full size, hand carved, wooden motorcycle.

Law & Order: SVU | 8:00PM

Law & Order: SVU | 9:00PM

Crime Watch Daily | 10:00PM

Law & Order: Criminal Intent | 11:00PM

D.A.W. - When the adult daughter of a recently deceased woman is killed under mysterious circumstances, Detectives Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) and Eames (Kathryn Erbe) focus on a pompous doctor after research shows hundreds of his elderly patients have suffered deadly strokes -- just before their heirloom jewelry vanishes. Goren hopes to poke a few holes in the not-so-good doctor's cottage industry by contacting the women in his life and exploiting the suspect's longtime drug habit and considerable ego.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent | 12:00AM

Amends - The death of an officer pulls Goren from his compassionate leave as the case is given top priority, but his relentless investigation brings out information related to Eames' husband's death, and the fallout threatens to become catastrophic as the case is reopened, potentially freeing the man she blames for her loss.

The Doctors | 1:00AM

Rules Of Engagement | 2:00AM

3rd Wheel - Unbeknownst to Jeff, Audrey lies to her homely friend Liz that she is on Jeff's list of woman he would sleep with if Audrey were not around.

TMZ | 2:30AM

Judge Mathis | 3:00AM