What’s On? - July 11, 2020

Protection Court | 4:00AM

Impractical Jokers | 4:30AM

Scaredy Cat

Litton Go Time: Hearts of Heroes | 5:00AM

Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin | 5:30AM

Secrets of Sea Lions

Litton Go Time: The Great Dr. Scott | 6:00AM

Bonnie's Babies

Litton Go Time: The Great Dr. Scott | 6:30AM

Rookie of the Year

Rock The Park | 7:00AM

Return to Death Valley

Rock The Park | 7:30AM

Best of Rivers and Waterfalls

Jack Hanna's Into the Wild | 8:00AM

Linton's Enchanted Gardens | 8:30AM

Paid Program | 9:00AM

Paid Program | 9:30AM

The Andy Griffith Show | 10:00AM

Andy and the New Mayor - Andy and the New Mayor Stoner are not on the same page in terms of managing Mayberry's sheriff's department.

The Andy Griffith Show | 10:30AM

The Cow Thief - The mayor calls in an investigator from the state capital to help solve a string of cow thefts.

Through The Decades | 11:00AM

My Destination.TV | 12:00PM

American Athlete | 12:30PM

Pawn Stars | 1:00PM

Ah, Shoot! - The Pawn Stars are presented with a lost picture of Ansel Adams, one of America's most famous photographers. Later, Rick and the Old Man are introduced to a man that wants to sell his Jaguar XJ6. Finally, Corey is shown a 1942 Chicago Bears football that was autographed by the entire team.

Pawn Stars | 1:30PM

Buy The Book - The team checks out a classic 1932 Lincoln roadster; a Civil War Confederate belt buckle walks into the shop; a man comes in hoping to sell his first edition copy of Ernest Hemingway's "For Whom the Bell Tolls"; and a famous person comes into the Pawn Shop.

Impractical Jokers | 2:00PM

Dover and Out

Impractical Jokers | 2:30PM

Marathon Man

Forensic Files | 3:00PM

Last Dance

Forensic Files | 3:30PM

Constructive Criticism

Impractical Jokers | 4:00PM

Psychotic Not-line - Four friends compete to embarrass each other in the ultimate hidden camera showdown. The guys endure a shakedown in a discount store, put their fate in the hands of the "Wheel of Doom", and try to hack it as Hibachi chefs without going up in flames.

Impractical Jokers | 4:30PM

Get Out of Dodge - Four friends compete to embarrass each other in the ultimate hidden camera showdown. It's an eye for an eye when the guys face off as optometrists, they break each others' banks giving bad financial advice, and push outrageous political platforms in a fruitless hunt for votes.

Pawn Stars | 5:00PM

Darth Pawn - The Pawn Stars are presented with a 1763 Stradivarius violin. Later, Rick and Chumlee travel to a man that sells life-sized Star Wars figures. Finally. Rick and the Old Man look at the World War II airplane's Octant, which is similar to the modern day GPS.

Pawn Stars | 5:30PM

Going Postal - First, the Pawn Stars are presented with a U.S. postage plate from the year 1862. Later, a man claims to have a rare recording of one of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speeches made just months before he was shot. Finally, Rick and Chumlee look at a Star Wars Return of the Jedi poster that was recalled.

Forensic Factor | 6:00PM


TMZ Weekend | 7:00PM

Extra Weekend | 8:00PM

Hitch | 9:00PM

- While helping his latest client woo the fine lady of his dreams, a professional "date doctor" finds that his game doesn't quite work on the gossip columnist with whom he's smitten.

The Carbonaro Effect | 11:30PM

The Carbonaro Effect | 12:00AM

Cheaters Weekend | 12:30AM

Intervention | 1:30AM

The Entertainers | 2:30AM

The Andy Griffith Show | 3:30AM

The Guitar Player Returns - Mayberry guitarist Jim Lindsey (James Best), a success as a solo artist, returns to a hero's welcome. However, Andy suspects trouble.