What’s On? - June 14, 2021

Shepherd's Chapel | 5:00AM

Paid Program | 6:00AM

Paid Program | 6:30AM

Funny You Should Ask | 7:00AM

Right This Minute | 7:30AM

The Doctors | 8:00AM

Dr. Oz Show | 9:00AM

Dr. Oz

The Real | 10:00AM

Wendy Williams | 11:00AM

The Drew Barrymore Show | 12:00PM

Cheaters | 1:00PM

Forensic Files | 1:30PM

Judge Mathis | 2:00PM

TMZ Live | 3:00PM

Judge Jerry | 4:00PM

Judge Jerry | 4:30PM

The People's Court | 5:00PM

TMZ | 6:00PM

Extra | 6:30PM

First 48 | 7:00PM

Up in Smoke/Shot in the Dark

Law & Order: SVU | 8:00PM


Law & Order: SVU | 9:00PM


Mike & Molly | 10:00PM

Mike Takes a Test - Mike decides to try for a detective position but, even with Molly's encouragement, getting ready for the exam stresses them both out.

Mike & Molly | 10:30PM

The Rehearsal - Two days before their wedding, Mike and Molly arrange their wedding rehearsal which turns into a disaster.

Mom | 11:00PM

Roast Chicken and a Funny Story - A heartbroken Bonnie drives everyone crazy, so Christy begs Adam to take Bonnie back.

Dish Nation | 11:30PM

First 48 | 12:00AM

Up in Smoke/Shot in the Dark

Pawn Stars | 1:00AM

Off the Wagon - Items brought to the shop include an 1890 Auto Wheel coaster wagon, a Civil War saber believed to have belonged to a Confederate officer, a cast iron, Kelsey Excelsior printing press from the 1800s and a rare 1942 Sarolea motorcycle that Corey tries to convince Ricks can turn a profit if restored.

Pawn Stars | 1:30AM

Strike, Spare, BOOM - Items brought to the shop include a bowling ball mortar built by the seller, a 1939 British World War II baby gas mask, an intact ticket for the 1965 Muhammed Ali versus Floyd Patterson fight, an antique spotlight estimated to be from the 1930s, and a collection of 70 antique railroad bonds, estimated by the seller to date from the 1840s.

Dr. Oz Show | 2:00AM

Cheaters | 3:00AM

Forensic Files | 3:30AM

Walking Terror - In January 1997, a Pheonix resident is stabbed 44 times in the back and signs point to her husband.