What’s On? - October 13, 2019

Forensic Files | 4:00AM

Innocence Lost - Five-year-old Melissa Brannen went missing from a Christmas party in 1989. The fibers on her clothes were the only means for police to determine her abductor. Police grew suspicious of Cal Hughes who was washing his clothes at 1am when they came to his home. Will forensic tests of his clothing convict Hughes of abduction with intent to harm?

Forensic Files | 4:30AM

'Til Death Do Us Part - A Chemist suddenly starts to suffer from foot pain, partial numbness, and hair loss. He was initially mis-diagnosed. Investigators started searching the lab he worked in and interrogated some co-workers. Eventually, the chemist dies and forensic evidence leads investigators to who poisoned him.

Paid Program | 5:00AM

Time for Hope | 5:30AM

Paid Program | 6:00AM

Raceline | 6:30AM

Rollin' On TV | 7:00AM

Green Screen Adventures | 7:30AM

Sea Trap/Tornado Magic/Fried Potatoes - Arrgh, matey! First up is an adventurous story aboard a pirate ship. Next, a bunny encounters whirling weather as he makes his way through the forest. Then, meet three special spuds who come up with a plan to avoid becoming dinner.

Green Screen Adventures | 8:00AM

The Scariest Monster/Wake Up Sun/The Cat That Wanted to Fly/Magic Apple - First, the character in this story finds out that the scariest monster in the world might not live up to its reputation. Then, see what happens to the people of this town when the Sun stops rising. Next, join a curious cat as he spends the day figuring out what skills he has. Then, meet a girl who bites into a delicious apple that turns out to be a very magical piece of fruit.

DragonFly TV | 8:30AM

Earth Systems - While rafting on the American River, Rasheed, Kohner, Scotty, and JB measure the river grade, water flow, and study the flow patterns around eddies, holes, and tongues.

Real Life 101 | 9:00AM

Made In Hollywood: Teen Edition | 9:30AM

Live Life & Win! | 10:00AM

Made In Hollywood | 10:30AM

The World's Funniest Weather | 11:00AM

The World's Funniest Weather | 11:30AM

Right This Minute | 12:00PM

Right This Minute | 12:30PM

Wipeout | 1:00PM

Wipeout | 2:00PM

American Ninja Warrior | 3:00PM

Las Vegas Finals Pt 3

American Ninja Warrior | 4:00PM

Las Vegas Finals Pt 4

The Listener | 5:00PM

One Way Or Another

The Listener | 6:00PM

Inside The Man

Elementary | 7:00PM

Rip Off - Holmes and Kitty investigate the murder of a postal store owner whose death is connected to the illegal diamond trade. Meanwhile, Gregson's career is placed in jeopardy when he hits a fellow NYPD officer.


- Gabe hasn't recovered from a terrible climbing accident, so when he's asked to search for a group, missing in the Rockies, he is initially reluctant. Adding to this the fact he has to work with an old friend, who now hates him; Gabe is not a happy man. Unknown to Gabe and his 'friend', the group they are out to rescue are armed and dangerous. The group need a local expert to locate and recover millions of dollars of stolen money.

Forensic Factor | 10:00PM

Picture Perfect

Paid Program | 11:00PM

Forensic Files | 11:30PM

Ties That Bind - A piece of rope holds the key to identifying a serial killer who has been preying on boys in Maine and Nebraska.

Funny You Should Ask | 12:00AM

Funny You Should Ask | 12:30AM

Paid Program | 1:00AM

Paid Program | 1:30AM

Impractical Jokers | 2:00AM

Parks & Wreck

Impractical Jokers | 2:30AM

A Legendary Fail

Kung Fu Arts | 3:00AM

- The emperor's right hand man frames the princess's fiancé, King Chi, who goes into hiding for ten years, vowing revenge.