What’s On? - February 21, 2018

The Andy Griffith Show | 4:00AM

One-Punch Opie - Opie must learn to defend himself against a bully.

The Andy Griffith Show | 4:30AM

Emmett's Anniversary - Emmett Clark cannot decide on a suitable 25th anniversary gift for his wife. Helpful waitress Flora Mahlerbie finds a way and suggests her friend Bernie the wholesale fur man as the golden answer to Emmett's problem. Flora takes Emmett to Bernie's shop one night to haggle over furs and things. Ultimately, though, Emmett's wife sees Emmett with Flora and thinks they are having an affair. She returns to Andy's house and Andy is forced to tell the truth. Emmet's wife is thrilled with the prospect o

Shepherd's Chapel | 5:00AM

Paid Program | 6:00AM

Paid Program | 6:30AM

Killer Mysteries | 7:00AM


Corrupt Crimes | 7:30AM

Operation Whiskey 12 - Nate Hutchison is part of an undercover team in Ogden, UT working for the Weber County Sheriff's Department. After years of undercover operations involving small time drug dealing, the team pays a visit to an illegal pot grower.

Judge Faith | 8:00AM

Red Light Runner; The Bible Thumper - After a bad crash, both drivers claim the other one ran a red light and is at fault. A woman loans her friend money, but says their friendship fell apart when she asked for repayment.

Judge Faith | 8:30AM

The Cat Lady; Bestie's Bang Up - A woman wants money for rent after her tenant leaves due to cat-damaged property and unpaid rent - the tenant said she was told to leave and doesn't owe; A woman borrows her best friend's car and gets in an accident which was not her fault - her friend wants her to pay up like she promised.

Dr. Oz Show | 9:00AM

Pawn Stars | 10:00AM

Santa Chum - The guys get ready for their annual Christmas party; Rick and Corey check out a collection of military promotion documents signed by six different U.S. Presidents; Corey is offered an Italian movie poster for "Bullitt".

Pawn Stars | 10:30AM

Colt To The Touch - Put to the pedal to the metal with the Pawn Stars as Rick and Corey check out a '51 Chevy driven by Steve McQueen in his last movie. Will a test drive make Rick feel like the new King of Cool? Then, a man moseys in with a Colt .45 he claims was used to kill Jesse James. Can the guys make a killing of their own? And later, Chumlee checks out an Atari Centipede arcade game. Will he spend a pile of quarters on this classic piece, or is it game over?

Forensic Files | 11:00AM

Freedom Fighter

Forensic Files | 11:30AM

Wood-be Killer - A killer tried to incinerate and destroy everything that could link him to his crime. But in doing so, he inadvertently created new forensic evidence, evidence which came to light with a technique never before used in a criminal investigation.

The Andy Griffith Show | 12:00PM

Opie Flunks Arithmetic - When Opie brings home a bad mark in arithmetic, Andy, fearing the boy will not get into college, puts too much pressure on him to study, which makes things worse. In the end, Helen tells Andy to ease up and, with the pressure off, Opie brings up his grade

Rules Of Engagement | 12:30PM

Fun Run - After Jeff tells his altruistic co-workers that requests for charity donations are getting out of hand, Audrey enters into a 10K charity event and plans on having Jeff's staff contribute money toward the cause. Meanwhile, Russell is dating a woman who is giving him not-so-subtle hints that she's really not into him.

Anger Management | 1:00PM

Charlie's Patient Gets Out of Jail - Charlie and his ex, Jennifer, are having an issue with how he still tries to manage her life. Charlie gets a visit from Cleo who was released from prison on parole, Jennifer then decides to get back at Charlie by dating him.

Anger Management | 1:30PM

Charlie Outs A Patient - Charlie has to evaluate his involvement in his patients' lives, when he accidentally helps one who enjoys other people's anger and hooks up with a crazy woman.

Mom | 2:00PM

Benito Poppins and a Warm Pumpkin - When Christy gets promoted to manager of the restaurant, she discovers that being the boss comes with its own set of problems. Also, Bonnie has a nemesis in the building who wants her fired.

Mom | 2:30PM

Good Karma and the Big Weird - Bonnie encourages Christy to pursue Marjorie's charming nephew Nick, despite the fact that he's been declared off limits.

The People's Court | 3:00PM

The Real | 4:00PM

Extra | 5:00PM

TMZ | 5:30PM

Crime Watch Daily | 6:00PM

Corrupt Crimes | 7:00PM

Operation Whiskey 12 - Nate Hutchison is part of an undercover team in Ogden, UT working for the Weber County Sheriff's Department. After years of undercover operations involving small time drug dealing, the team pays a visit to an illegal pot grower.

Killer Mysteries | 7:30PM


Dateline | 8:00PM


Dateline | 9:00PM


Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? | 10:00PM

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? | 10:30PM

The Game | 11:00PM

Away Game - Derwin invites Melanie to his first away game in Miami, but due to her heavy school load, she decides to pass. When Tasha and Kelly find out she is not going, they persuade her to change her mind by telling her away games are a play ground for cheating. Meanwhile, Derwin's teammates are upset that he invited Melanie and tell him he needs to un-invite her, fearing the other wives will use her as a spy.

The Game | 11:30PM

Gifted - A gift-giving competition breaks out among the top players after Melanie sends each team member a gift on behalf of Derwin; Melanie makes a new friend in her chemistry lab.

Impractical Jokers | 12:00AM


Impractical Jokers | 12:30AM

Make Womb for Daddy

Cheaters | 1:00AM

Cheaters | 1:30AM

The Doctors | 2:00AM

Judge Mathis | 3:00AM