What’s On? - May 24, 2019

Cheaters | 4:00AM

Pawn Stars | 4:30AM

Hot and Colt - Items brought into the Pawn Shop is a possible "Prototype" version of the Colt Paterson Revolver, a 1955 GMC Truck and an animation cell from "Tennessee Tuxedo".

Shepherd's Chapel | 5:00AM

Paid Program | 6:00AM

Paid Program | 6:30AM

Dr. Oz Show | 7:00AM

Your Biggest Questions About Heaven Answered

The Real | 8:00AM

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? | 9:00AM

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? | 9:30AM

Rules Of Engagement | 10:00AM

Atlantic City - Audrey tries to make Jeff feel guilty for not telling her that his friend's bachelor party in Atlantic City was cancelled; however, her plan backfires when Jeff discovers that Audrey is also being deceitful.

Rules Of Engagement | 10:30AM

Guy Code - In an effort to beef up their social agenda, Audrey (Megyn Price) persuades Jeff (Patrick Warburton) to double-date, which inadvertently puts the rules governed by the "guy code" versus the "marriage code" to the test. Meanwhile, Russell's (David Spade) strategy to score a date at work forces Adam (Oliver Hudson) to evaluate his own moral code and Jennifer (Bianca Kajlich) to pick sides.

Mom | 11:00AM

Mahjong Sally and the Ecstasy - Violet unexpectedly returns home, revealing her engagement to Gregory is off, however, upon hearing different stories about the breakup, Christy and Bonnie are confused about what actually happened.

Mom | 11:30AM

Kitty Litter and a Class A Felony - Following Alvin's death, Lorraine takes all of his things at the apartment he was going to stay in which is across from Bonnie and Christy. Bonnie and Christy learn that Alvin was going to add them in his will but died before he could make it legal. And Lorraine is refusing to honor it. That's when Bonnie decides to take his ashes.

Funny You Should Ask | 12:00PM

Right This Minute | 12:30PM

The People's Court | 1:00PM

Cheaters | 2:00PM

Forensic Files | 2:30PM

Concrete Alibi

Live PD: Police Patrol | 3:00PM

Live PD: Police Patrol | 3:30PM

Live PD: Police Patrol | 4:00PM

Live PD: Police Patrol | 4:30PM

Cops | 5:00PM

Resisting Arrest #4 Special Edition - In Broward County, FL, Detectives Lopez and Perez resort to using a taser on a drug suspect after he becomes agitated during routine questioning. In North Las Vegas, NV, Officer Snyder responds to a report about a fight at a gas station and attempts to subdue a fleeing suspect by firing his taser gun. In San Bernardino County, CA, Deputies Mason and Cundieff arrest two occupants riding in a vehicle that ran a stop sign, and later, Mason confiscates packets of methampethamine hidden inside a su

Cops | 5:30PM

Coast To Coast - In North Las Vegas, Officer Chaddock tackles a domestic disturbance suspect whom bystanders allege attacked his ex-wife. In Broward County, FL, Detective Cuesta intercepts a vehicle used to pull off an alleged drug transaction, and later, a female passenger tells police about a large bag of marijuana inside her purse. In Pomona, CA, Officer Catanese sorts a dispute between two individuals, one of whom claims he was called a racial slur and had his truck window smashed with a pipe.

Chicago P.D. | 6:00PM

Don't Bury This Case - The team investigates a deadly crash involving CFD lieutenant Kelly Severide's car; Voight assigns Burgess with Olinsky; and Lindsay contemplates meeting her estranged father, who's been released from prison.

Chicago P.D. | 7:00PM

Thirty Balloons - Lindsay, wanting to make things better for Voight, tries her best to keep Justin out of trouble but it might not be that easy. When the Intelligence Unit gets word on a dangerous drug-smuggling operation, they want to make it stop and learn some secrets behind it so Olinsky and Ruzek go on a stakeout. Meanwhile, Atwater and Burgess receive a new patrol car.

Chicago White Sox Baseball | 8:00PM

Chicago White Sox @ Minnesota Twins

CSI: Miami | 11:00PM


CSI: Miami | 12:00AM


The Game | 1:00AM

The Wedding Night (Part 1) - Chardonnay goes on an emotional roller coaster ride after getting jilted at the altar. Kelly rebuffs Jason's declaration of love and tries to make amends with Chardonnay. Jason is torn between both women. Meanwhile, Pookie fulfills his fatherly duties, which causes Tasha to think they could possibly be a family. Malik forges Yana's signature so he can arrange football tryouts. Keira and Blue's elopement plans stall.

The Game | 1:30AM

The Pittsy Shuffle: Why Pitts Really Dipped - Chardonnay goes on Perez Hilton to redeem herself after Perez lambasts her wedding fiasco on national television. Jason gives Chardonnay real answers about the demise of their marriage. Tasha avoids her mommy duties. Jason berates Blue for his lack of focus on football.

The Doctors | 2:00AM

TMZ | 3:00AM

Extra | 3:30AM