What’s On? - May 8, 2021

Protection Court | 4:00AM

To Grandma's House We Go/Middle School

Impractical Jokers | 4:30AM

Film Fail - Joe, Sal, Q, and Murr are forced to think on their feet at a podiatrist's office, ask strangers for help burying unusual items in the park, and keep their eyes on the prize in a grocery store.

Hearts of Heroes | 5:00AM

Hearts of Heroes | 5:30AM

Rock The Park | 6:00AM

Rock The Park | 6:30AM


Did I Mention Invention? | 7:00AM

Underwater Jetski

Litton Go Time: Ready Set Pet | 7:30AM

First Four-Legged Friend

The Andy Griffith Show | 8:00AM

The Luck of Newton Monroe - An itinerant peddler comes to town (Don Rickles) and sells Barney, Floyd and Goober some items that prove to be defective. After he disregards Andy's warning about not selling any more things, they put him in jail--but he proves no better at odd jobs than at selling and bungles everything Andy and Barney give him to do.

Linton's Enchanted Gardens | 8:30AM

Paid Program | 9:00AM

Paid Program | 9:30AM

To The Rescue | 10:00AM

Right This Minute | 10:30AM

Right This Minute | 11:00AM

The World's Funniest Weather | 11:30AM

Weather Gone Viral | 12:00PM

Weather Gone Viral | 1:00PM

Impractical Jokers | 2:00PM

Kill the Centaur

Impractical Jokers | 2:30PM

Captain Fatbelly

The Carbonaro Effect | 3:00PM

The Carbonaro Effect | 3:30PM

Lipstick and Flying Nun

Impractical Jokers | 4:00PM

Sneaking Number Twos, Going Number One

Impractical Jokers | 4:30PM

Blind Justice

Storm of Suspicion | 5:00PM

Forensic Factor | 6:00PM

The Smiley Face Killer

TMZ Weekend | 7:00PM

Extra | 8:00PM

Intervention | 9:00PM

Pawn Stars | 10:00PM

Secret Admirer

Forensic Files | 10:30PM

Order Up - The murder of a prominent business man in Colorado was particually difficult to solve since the killers left virtually no forensic evidence at the scene. But information gathered from a small-town diner, an endocrinologist, and a forensic botanist took a bite out of the chief suspect's alibi.

American Ninja Warrior | 11:00PM


Wipeout | 12:00AM

Cheaters Weekend | 1:00AM

The Entertainers | 2:00AM

Intervention | 3:00AM